Your mission briefing from Brandon:

Dear Interns,

Your mission will commence shortly.  I have tried everything, but regrettably I wasn’t able to postpone my mission in Hawaii.  As I will not be able to greet you in person, you will find everything you need to know in this letter.

Forward this information to ALL team members!


DATE and TIME: Be on time – The Property Management are extremely fussy  and lateness will not be tolerated.  In case of lateness (Even if it is only 5 minutes) the ghost hunt will not take place.

MISSION LOCATION:  Ruschestraße 64-66, 10365 Berlin-Lichtenberg

MEETING PLACE:  Car park behind the building.  An employee from the property management group will pick you up from the former petrol station building.  You will find a sketch of the location below this letter.  For emergencies you can contact the property manager on +49 (0) 30 373 065 11.

MISSION CONDITIONS:  The mission will begin IMMEDIATELY.  You will not have time beforehand to drink a cup of tea, tie your shoes, or go to the toilet.  Leave all sharp objects or unnecessary luggage at home or in your car.  Be sure to bring your protective and/or reading glasses.

CLOTHING:  Uniform clothing in muted colours.  (red and orange irritates ghosts and green will cost you your life in case of ghouls).

FOOTWEAR:  Appropriate footwear for rough terrain. Ectoplasm- and watertight footwear is recommended.

DEVICES:  have already been sent to the mission location.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT:  Not required.  Please leave any home made ghost-traps at home!  I have sent my patented professional equipment which will more than fulfill all of your ghost hunting needs.

PLEASE WRITE TO ME IMMEDIATELY in case your group size has changed so that I can see to it that you have the amount of equipment required (naturally at an extra cost).

ATTENTION:  There is an elevator in the former clinic.  In case any of your team have problems travelling with elevator, then this mission is not appropriate for you.  You NOW have the possibility to withdraw from the mission.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Greetings from Hawaii!

Brandon Darkmoor

Germanys unique immersive experience

An internship with the famous ghost hunter Brandon Darkmoor – that was your plan. You didn’t expect to be sent off to a case on your first day though. In the past, the building of „THE ROOM“ was part of the Carl Bonhof clinic. This asylum experienced a horrible fire in 1987. Everybody survived – except for one person. The former opera singer Anna Morana haunts the basement ever since. Can you help her soul to find eternal peace?

For fans of „Ghostbusters“ and „Twilight Zone“
not suitable for minors

75 min experience
3-5 players
from 38 € p.P.

We recommend that you don’t come in short trousers and skirts, but rather in flexible and casual clothing. Attention: This game is not suitable for people with a fear of elevators, those who have bad eyesight in bad lighting and those with painful knee or back problems. You can extend the text underneath for more information.

    • Nobody will touch you and no actor will scare you, but there will be loud sound and light effects that could scare you
    • The game includes two rides with an elevator. You can’t crash with it, but it feels real and it’s not a normal ride. The inside of the elevator is approx. 2x2m and has no windows. Every player has to use the elevator.
    • You will not get separated during the game.
    • We use fog machines and scents.
    • Sometimes it’s completely dark in the room.
    • Physical requirements: Each player has to crawl on his knees two times during the game.
    • Still got questions? Please write us:
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