Lost Treasure

Our worldwide award-winning adventure

Archeologists wanted! A tight passage was found during repair works in the basement of the Humboldt University which leads into an abandoned secret study chamber deep under ground. The brothers Humboldt might have built it centuries ago to examine and hide precious and mysterious artifacts they found during their travels. People say there might even be the lost holy grail… .

By and for fans of  „Indiana Jones“ and „The Goonies“

75 min experience
2-5 players
from 38 € p.P.

We recommend that you don’t come in short trousers and skirts, but rather in flexible and casual clothing. Attention: This game is not suitable for people with a fear of darkness, those who have bad eyesight in bad lighting and those with painful knee or back problems and strong obesity. You can extend the text underneath for more information.

    • The entrance to the game is only 36cm wide, completely dark and everybody has to pass it.
    • You will get briefly separated during the game, however you can choose which person should go to the new area.
    • We use fog machines and scents.
    • Sometimes it’s completely dark in the room.
    • Physical requirements: In some parts of the game one player has to crawl on his knees or even on his belly to reach a new area.
    • Still got questions? Please write us: info@the-room-berlin.com
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