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Beast of Berlin

The criminal detective story with a gripping atmosphere

June 1924, Berlin. The city suffers from a heat wave, but even the cooler nights don’t bring relief: a serial killer, called „The beast of Berlin“ is targeting young women in the dark streets of the city. Detective Ernst Gennat has a horrible suspicion: Could the murderer come from his own team? He plans to interrogate the suspect and wants you, as a member of a special detective force, to search the suspects office for proof of his crime during that time.

The gripping story with real historical background takes you right into the heart of Berlin in the roaring, but dark Twenties.

For fans of criminal stories

75 min experience
2-5 players
starting from 38 € p.P.

„Beast of Berlin“ has no physical requirements. There are no scare actors or complete darkness in the game. However it can get creepy and bloody, so we don’t recommend it for kids under the age of 16.

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