Frequently Asked Questions


  • Please check the booking calendar for availabilities.

  • No! We are probably booked out or don’t have staff on location. Please contact us via email or phone for same day bookings.

  • It is not a problem as long as your team size is between the minimum and maximum amount of players.
    All players have to be registered and paid prior to the game.

  •  Please contact us at

  • Yes. It is attached to your booking confirmation email.

  • No. Due to operational reasons we don’t offer payment on the spot but during our online booking process we offer lots of payment methods and we are sure that one of them works for you.

  • We offer free re-booking up to 24hrs before the game.

  • No it is not necessary.

  • No you don’t have to print your tickets.

The game

  • Lost Treasure: All players have to walk through a 36cm wide entrance. At least one player should have no physical limitations. The game is not suited for claustrophobic people.

    Brandon Darkmoor: The game is not for the faint-hearted and under no circumstance for people who are afraid of elevators. We also would not recommend this game if you have severe knee or back problems.

    Find more information on the dedicated pages of Lost Treasure and Brandon Darkmoor.

  • Our recommendations based on experience:

    Go West: You can even bring a baby along. Aged 10 or older without adults.

    Beast Of Berlin: Aged 14 with adults. 16 years and older without adult supervision.

    Lost Treasure: Aged 10 with adults. 16 years and older without adult supervision.

    Brandon Darkmoor: This experience can be too scary for people under 16 years. Please contact us before booking with a minor in your team.

  • Our games are playable in german and english and all our game masters speak both languages.

  • Your game won’t happen if you are late because we run on a tight schedule.

  • In theory yes but we don’t recommend it. The game was designed with group dynamics in mind.

  • Brandon Darkmoor and Beast Of Berlin are partially scary but no one will touch or scare you in person.

  • Only Beast Of Berlin is suitable for people with knee problems. I all other games you have to crawl.

  • No. We don’t do public bookings.

  • Due to safety reasons drunk players are not allowed to play. 

    The team lead decides who is allowed to play.

  • Of course, but not our games.

  • We already had very heavy and very old players who managed all parts of our games. However it depends on your physical condition.

Gift Vouchers

  • Yes, we offer PDF vouchers for instant printing at home but if you want to receive a physical version via mail you can add the high gloss upgrade.

  • Up until 3 years from the date of purchase

  • No. You don’t have to.

  • During the booking process you enter the voucher code and the amount is automatically charged. You just have to pay the balance.

  • Yes. No problem at all.

General information

  • Our games are unique immersive experiences. Simply show up at your booked time and be ready to start your adventure.

  • Generally everyone can play. Our games have individual restrictions that you can find in the description of the game.

    Players under the age of 12 are only allowed in Go West and in some cases in Lost Treasure if accompanied by an adult.

  • Please wear comfortable and casual clothing and flat shoes. 

  • No they aren’t. All our games are in the basement.

  • Everybody plays at their own risk. Our games and be physically challenging and sometimes you have to crawl. If you feel fit to do that than we don’t see a problem. Please consult a doctor if you are not sure.

  • Yes you can use the parking lot in the back of our location for free.

  • We recommend Google Maps for individual planning. Our customers who use public transport either come by bus (5 min distance by foot – Josef-Orlopp-Str./Vulkanstr.), by tram M13 (10 min by foot – Loeperplatz) or the subway line M5 (15min by foot – Magdalenenstr.).

  • Yes we have enough lockers.

  • We are usually open Wednesday and Thursday from half past 3pm, Friday from 2pm, Saturday from half past 9am and Sunday from half past 12pm on.

    If the first or the last slots of a day are not booked we are usually not on our location. Thats why it is important to book online or call us for short term bookings.

  • No. Mobile phones are not allowed in our games.

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